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Home staging

We Maximalise The Appeal …

our aim at The Final is for you not to have spend a fortune on a property that you are going to sell. Instead, we aim to achieve the highest possible value for your property, working with what you already have. We will help ensure that any money spent will have a significant return

Maximise The Value …

most properties suffer from the all too familiar wear and tear such as cracked windowpanes, dusty curtains etc …. It should not be hugely expensive to put these things right, but it is time consuming and often rather tedious. Forget organizing the plumber, glazier, carpenter and curtain maker, as we do this all for you


Renovation – advise

An important cost when buying a property is the renovation cost. How to calculate this ?

We can help you by displaying quotes from various works. So you can form yourself  a realistic picture at the position of the total renovation cost and this permits you to determine the total owner cost !

We give you if desired also happy to advise in connection with the various conversion options.


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